Multiband Transient Shaper

What is Pancz?

Pancz – pronounced “Panch” – is a one stop shop for controlling dynamics and power, combining multiband transient shaping with saturation, parallel compression and high-end EQ.

It doesn’t matter if you’re working on a drum bus, a single snare, a guitar chord or a synth line – Pancz will help you to create dynamic excitement and fit sounds perfectly into place in a mix.

Your new powertool.

Pancz is equipped with a precisely selected combination of tools: multiband transient shaper, soft clipper/limiter, waveform analyzer and additional tone manipulation effects. All elements work perfectly together giving you control you’ve never had before.


The Heart of Pancz

At the heart of Pancz is the Transients control. Design punchy, clicky transients to make your sounds hit harder and push through the mix easier. Or, use it in the opposite way to tame and control sounds that are too loud.

Get ultimate control over your signal's dynamic range, make sounds bite, hit and thwack, or decrease impact to help something sit in the mix.

Explore Pancz's functions:


The heart of Pancz

Pancz can create punchy, clicky transients making your sounds hit harder and push through the mix easier. It also works in the opposite way. It can make loud and annoying transients less audible and controlled.

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System Requirements

PC: Windows 7/8/10/11 (ONLY 64bit)

Mac: macOS 10.12+ (Sierra) 

Other Requirements

VST, VST3, AU or AAX (Pro Tools)  compatible DAW

Apple Silicon M1 version is available